Antigua and Barbados

Medical Travel and Tourism in Antigua and Barbados

Located in Antigua, West Indies, is an internationally recognized drug and alcohol recovery program known as the Crossroads Centre.  Founded in 1998 by Eric Clapton, the Crossroads Centre has been a turning point in recovery for many addicts, and accounts for the majority of medical tourists traveling to Antigua.

In nearby Barbados, infertility treatment is popular with medical tourists.  The Barbados Fertility Centre is an accredited facility that claims statistically higher success rates at one-third of the cost of treatment in the U.S. or UK. The serene, relaxing atmosphere is said to reduce stress and markedly increase the likelihood of couples becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

While in Antigua and Barbados, medical tourists can enjoy a variety of tropical Caribbean delights, including beautiful white sand beaches, spectacular sunsets, and peaceful serenity.  Amazing scuba diving adventures, countless resorts, and charming villages entertain island guests.

Antigua/Barbados Factoids
•    An independent scientific study ranked Antigua as the 16th happiest place in the world.
•    The Caribbean islands are best visited in the cooler, dryer months of December to April.
•    Tourism accounts for 80% of the gross national product of Antigua and Barbados.
•    Barbados is known as a top spot for celebrity sightings.
•    Barbados has one of the highest standards of living worldwide.
•    It is expected that 70-80% of tourists to Barbados over the next five years will be medical tourists.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Antigua and Barbados

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