Av. Elcano 3111
Capital Federal
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1-877-639-0703 (US/Canada toll free)
0-808-234-4008 (UK)
+54 11-4556-2910 (Int'l)


Plenitas is a ‘medical tourism’ company offering complete cosmetic surgery packages in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They specialize in offering fully inclusive trips to Buenos Aires and promise to arrange everything for the patient, including the initial contact, the procedure itself, and keeping in touch afterwards throughout the rehabilitation and healing process.1

On their extensive website, written in English, Spanish and Italian, they state that their function is to look after the patient and that they will offer a package that includes accommodation, transport from the hotel to the surgery and a bilingual Personal Assistant to guide patients through the whole complex process. As a further incentive, they can also organize trips and sightseeing tours around the beautiful city of Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina.1

Getting in touch with Plenitas is very easy; as well as offering different telephone numbers depending upon your country of residence, they also give a preliminary quote online and have links with companies in the USA and UK which will provide financing if needed. They will give advice on what needs to be done before the trip and establish exactly what documentation and records are needed for the doctor. The procedures offered include most forms of plastic surgery, penile operations, erectile dysfunction correction, dermatological procedures and assisted fertilization; these all take place in a large and well equipped clinic.1

Some example prices are; breast implants $3 020, facelifts $3 390 and Penile enlargement $ 2 810, although the small print does state that the 9 days accommodation required for recovery is not catered for in the package and that private arrangements should be made with one of the recommended luxury hotels.1

Reviews concerning Plenitas are plentiful and generally very uncomplimentary; some of the review sites do contain good reports but the company has been banned from at least one site for signing in under false identities and giving itself good reviews, an immoral practice.2,3 Thus, any good reviews need to be thoroughly sifted before been taken seriously.

The most common consensus on the assortment of sites seems to be that whilst the independent surgeons are very good, Plenitas triples the price of everything and that the promised personal assistants are uninterested and unhelpful.2,3,4 The promised chauffeur service is non-existent and some of the facilities appear to be dirty and under equipped and reviewers recommend that the prospective patient deals privately with the doctor involved and makes their own arrangements for transport and accommodation.2,4 In fact, one doctor ceased working with Plenitas because of alleged ‘ethical differences’.5