Ivo Pitanguy Clinic

Rua Dona Mariana 65 - Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro
RJ Brasil - Cep
+55 21 (21) 2266-9500 (Main)

web: www.pitanguy.com.br/en/clinica/clinica.htm

For somebody seeking excellent plastic surgery care, Brazil is renowned as one of the world’s prime locations.3 Probably the most well known clinic there is the famous Ivo Pitanguy clinic based in Rio, offering the high quality care for many cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures.1

Before reading about the clinic, it is essential to understand a little about Professor Ivo Pitanguy himself, one of the leading plastic surgeons in the world and a pioneer of many surgical techniques over the course of a long and distinguished career. He is world famous as a surgeon, lecturer and teacher, has contributed over 800 articles to journals and has written a series of books on the subject; more than 500 graduates from his teaching institute proudly use his name as a qualification. He pioneered the belief that plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive, requires a holistic approach, which he christened ‘integrated medicine; this methodology takes  into account the psychological state of the patient and ensures that lifestyle factors are taken into account before, during and after the surgery itself.1 He is also well known as a philanthropist, treating less privileged members of society for free in his clinic as well as ploughing the proceeds of his range of cosmetics into charity2,5. For this humanitarian work, Professor Pitanguy has been recognized with many awards from major organizations; these include the Vatican and UNESCO, amongst others.1

In 1963, Professor Ivo Pitanguy set up his own clinic in the leafy suburbs of Rio, offering a complete and individually tailored procedure for each and every patient. The clinic offers most of the standard plastic surgery procedures including face lifts, breast reconstruction and augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, otoplasty and skin grafting. There is also a health and beauty clinic attached, offering many treatments including aromatherapy, botox, facial peeling, body hydration and other common treatments; again part of the ‘integrated medicine’ ethos.1

The small but very professional website is very informative, giving good background on the clinic, the facilities and the staff. The clinic appears to cater for international patients and has a comprehensive form for booking an appointment or for initial consultation by e-mail with all the secretarial staff and many of the medical team being trilingual. The facilities at the center appear to be first class; it has four operating theatres, a state of the art recovery facility for the healing process and 14 luxury suites onsite to allow constant monitoring of the patient. The aftercare process is thorough, involving massages, lymphatic draining and full rehabilitation onsite, leaving nothing to chance.1

As well as employing skilled surgeons, Ivo Pitanguy utilizes leading experts in other fields to further the belief that reconstructive procedures require a holistic approach, addressing a lot more than just the surgery itself. A nutritionist offers advice on changes to diet and losing weight before and after abdominoplasty or liposuction, and a psychologist is on hand to help with the mental state and personal issues of the patient before and after surgery.1

Reviews on the clinic are scarce; certainly there are no bad ones. The ones that do exist state “pay a little more, go to Ivo Pitanguy”4 and that it is “a very good place.”3 There are no guides to the price on the website but these reviews would indicate that whilst it is not the cheapest place, the  Ivo Pitanguy Clinic does offer top quality services.

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