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Medical Travel and Tourism in Costa Rica

Many Americans are traveling to Costa Rica for medical tourism.  The inexpensive and cutting-edge medical care, relatively accessible from the U.S., is drawing patients by the thousands.  Whether patients are looking for cosmetic surgery procedures, dental treatments, eye surgery, or weight loss surgery, Costa Rica has a specialty clinic to meet those needs.  Orthopedic surgeries are also increasingly common.

Clinica Biblica recently became the first JCI accredited hospital in Costa Rica.  Note that according to one American expat in Costa Rica, Clinica Biblica, along with the also well regarded Clinica Catolica, do not seem to cater to English-speaking clientele, so those facilities may be more appropriate for Spanish speakers (or those traveling with the assistance of a medical travel agent or similar).  This despite the fact that Clinica Biblica has an excellent English-language web site and seems to tout its English-speaking staff.  According to this account, CIMA looks and feels the most like an American hospital, and is relatively better stocked with English-speaking doctors, nurses, and attendants.  CIMA is affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.  The Rosenstock Lieberman Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is also internationally known for excellence.

Following medical treatment, patients can begin recuperation at the Recovery Ranch, a ranch-style resort designed to aid recovery.  Here, nurses are available to provide follow-up care, and all hotel amenities are offered.  Patients can bundle a vacation package to include Recovery Ranch services.

Tourists have long been drawn to Costa Rica for their well-known ecotourism offerings.  Rainforests are known to provide health benefits.  Beaches lend themselves well to relaxation and rejuvenation.  Many spas offer packages for post-treatment stays as well.

Costa Rica Factoids
•    Costa Rica is among the safest countries in Latin America, and is the most visited country in Central America.
•    As a pioneer of ecotourism, Costa Rica offers lush rainforests, beautiful landscapes, and exotic flora and fauna.
•    Costa Rica is the only Western country without a military of any kind.
•    Wearing shorts to a place of business is considered disrespectful in Costa Rica.

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