Rosenstock-Lieberman Center for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

PO Box 657-1005
San Jose, Costa Rica
+506 223-9933 (US)


The Rosenstock-Lieberman center is based in Costa-Rica and was founded 24 years ago by Doctors Noe Rosenstock and Clara Lieberman. The hospital promises to deliver quality plastic and reconstructive surgery in modern and professional surroundings and now has 4 doctors who are very experienced, with one of them having full ABPS and ASAPS accreditations.1,2

The website for the facility is very well designed and is full of information on the services and surgeries offered as well as what is to be expected in terms of healing; it contains some excellent before and after pictures. The clinic seems to cater towards the high quality end of the medical-tourist market and specializes in international patients, being available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.1

The services offered are fairly extensive, including facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, reduction and lifting, abdominoplasty, liposuction, fat transfer and lip embellishment amongst other treatments. Other procedures are often available on request and the facility promises personalized patient care for every individual patient. Each procedure is explored in detail on the Rosenstock-Lieberman site and there is information on what measures the prospective patient needs to take before the surgery, what will happen during the operation and what is likely to occur during the healing process. There is even an in depth section on what dietary changes are needed and what medicines should be avoided in the period leading up to the surgery. The doctors also insist that a standard health questionnaire is filled in before the booking of any appointments and urge the prospective patient to follow the guidelines provided.1

There are ample photographs taken in and around the Rosenstock-Lieberman clinic and it looks very clean, efficient and modern with two operating rooms and some common areas. Patients are provided with their own quality suites to stay in both before the surgery and during the immediate aftercare and will have transportation to one of the nearby quality hotels arranged for the recuperation period suggested by the doctors.1

There are no prices on the site, instead there is a form to fill in and ask for details with quotation. Some examples of price can be found with one patient paying $4 600 for a facelift with lower blephectomy although it was unclear as to whether this was inclusive of flights and accommodation or not.2 The clinic, whilst not the cheapest in Latin America, seems to be of lower cost than comparable facilities in North America and Europe and caters for the higher end of the medical tourism market.

Most of the reviews about Rosenstock-Lieberman clinic are good; one patient was very happy with the results and impressed by the doctors, staff and the clean and modern facilities.3 Another had liposuction and a facelift and was generally happy although a little concerned that the scars from the facelift procedure were not hidden under the hairline.2 There is one bad review of the procedures performed at this clinic but the author of the site concerned appears to have an issue with plastic surgery in Costa Rica generally so this opinion must be treated carefully.4



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Ab Lipo

I am thrilled with the abdomen liposuction I received at the R&L clinic. My 3 month looking pot is gone. No matter how I dieted or exercised it was always there. Not anymore. Great experience with the R&L clinic.