Esthesia Dental Centre

Klarupvej 12 F
DK-9270 Klarup
Czech Republic
+420 284-680-530 (main)
+420 775-025-644


Esthesia Dental Centre is a dental clinic based in the Czech city of Prague, a destination with a growing reputation as a dental tourism hotspot. The clinic offers treatments of a range of dental problems and claims to offer high quality care at very reasonable prices. The clinic caters fully to Europeans from countries where the cost of good dental care has increased dramatically in recent years, to help these international patients, most of the staff members speak fluent English and some speak German.1,3

The website is simple but is full of useful information, in English and German, for the prospective patient thinking of traveling to the Czech Republic. A short summary is given for each of the services offered and there are comprehensive details on how to get to the surgery as well as an e-mail form to request further details.1,4

Esthesia Dental Centre offers the full range of medical and cosmetic dental procedures and specializes in offering quick appointment times and out of hours surgery for those with a hectic lifestyle or tight schedules.1 It is easily found by public transport, which is excellent and cheap in Prague, and although no help or information is given on hotels and flights, Prague is a very tourist friendly city and can be reached from most European airports via cost effective carriers.2

The services offered are extensive, from simple checks ups to wisdom tooth surgery, and there does seem to be a large slant towards the preventative side of oral hygiene, as is common with most reputable dental clinics. Esthesia Dental Centre specializes in pediatric care and recommends bringing children to the dentist at an early age to expose them to the dentist and avoid problems with phobias in later life.1 The dentists and oral hygienists will also give advice to parents on the best products and procedures to use with delicate milk teeth.1

All procedures start with an initial consultation with a dental hygienist who will give preventative advice as well as performing simple procedures such as scraping and whitening. The next procedure is a dental appointment, if needed, with simple procedures such as filling the teeth with amalgam or white material performed on the spot.1 The dentist will also perform more complex procedures, such as root-canal work and the treatment of gum disease there and then.

More complex techniques are also performed at Esthesia Dental Centre; high quality, Swedish-made, crowns, bridges and veneers can be fitted and resin dentures, for those with severe problems, can be manufactured although these fixtures may require more than one appointment. All orthodontic procedures are offered and wisdom tooth surgery is given under local or general anesthetic. A strong sedative can be taken instead by those who are reluctant to be anesthetized. The clinic offers support for all forms of orthodontic care, fitting removable or fixed braces as needed and, again, will give advice on the best methods for taking care of these fittings.1

Reviews about Esthesia Dental Centre are difficult to find and there is little information on what prices to expect or how good or bad the services are. One review states that the prices are decent and that the initial consultation is free5 and Czech dentistry, as a whole, is praised highly on many review sites.3