Medical Travel and Tourism in Hungary

In the medical tourism world, Hungary has emerged as a particular front runner for dental services.  Europeans and Americans are flocking to Budapest for new smiles and vacations at the same time.  The cost of dental treatment in Hungary is minimal, especially when compared with prices in the U.S. and UK.  Dental implants that cost anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 in the United States can often be found for around $1,500.

While in Hungary, medical tourists can enjoy rich history and beautiful scenery.  English is widely spoken, so traveling around Hungary is relatively convenient for American and British visitors.  Many Hungarian dental clinics not only provide English-speaking providers, but also feature additional clinics in the UK, providing additional options for follow-up services.  Villanyi Dent, Gelenscer Dental Clinic, Dental Care London, and VitalEurope are just a few of the prominent dental clinics providing routine dental care and high quality cosmetic dentistry services.

For generations, Eastern Europeans have enjoyed the spas and mineral springs; now medical tourism has allowed foreigners the opportunity for rejuvenation there, too.

Hungary Factoids
•    Hungary boasts Central Europe’s largest lake, Lake Balaton, which is perfect for relaxing, swimming, or sailing.
•    Many hotels are refurbished famous palaces, providing unique and historical accommodations.
•    Budapest is known to have one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Danube River.
•    Frequent festivals and art exhibitions showcase the grandeur of Hungarian culture.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Hungary

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