Apollo Hospitals Chennai

No. 21, Greams Lane
Off Greams Road
Chennai - 600 006


email: enquiry@apollohospitals.com
web: www.apollohospitals.com/chennai_overview.asp

Accreditations: JCI

This large hospital in the bustling city of Chennai, India, was the first hospital to be established by the large Apollo group chain, in 1983, and is a very large facility with over 60 departments, specializing in cutting edge procedures and research. The facility was the first Indian hospital to be awarded the prestigious ISO 9002 and 14001 certifications s well as being the first hospital in Southern India to be awarded the JCI accreditation. Finally, it has been recognized by the Indian government as a ‘Center of Excellence’.1, 6

The website is very professional, as is the case with most of the Apollo facilities, and it seems to cater well for the foreign patient. Then site proudly proclaims that the facility has performed over 27 000 surgeries with  99.6% pass rate and has an above average 70% pass rate for bone marrow transplants. It also has a few firsts to its name, being the first hospital in India to perform a total knee replacement and the first in the subcontinent to perform a liver transplant.1 Like all of the Apollo facilities, it has a dedicated International Patient Center which will deal with most of the problems faced by a foreign medical tourist, liaising with doctors and consultants, providing translation and organizing accommodation and transportation.1

For such a large hospital it is almost impossible to list the entire range of services offered but it has most of the facilities that would be expected for a hospital in one of the world’s major cities. Cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, radiology; pretty much everything is catered for here. Most departments work together and try to provide holistic care for patients where physicians, surgeons, nurses and psychologists all work together to try and increase the recovery rate and time for patients.6

The hospital is renowned as a site for liver transplants, including from living donors, as well as performing transplants for patients with hepatitis B. The hospital specializes in these riskier transplants and supports this with the full range of aftercare for life.5 The clinics on site are all modern and well equipped containing a battery of modern diagnostic machines and laboratories as well as highly trained, specialist staff.1

Like many of the Apollo group hospitals, reviews on this facility tend to be very scathing, accusing the hospital of being more of a money making machine than a center for treating patients.2 Doctors are accused of trying to scare you into having procedures that you don’t need in order to extract more money from you because they work on commission.2 They are also accused of messing up one patient’s heart bypass and trying to cover the whole affair up.2 Another ex-patient states that whilst the doctors are fairly good, the nurses are very inexperienced and the staff do not appear to have much of an idea.2

More seriously, even the great and the good do not appear to be immune from poor treatment; a famous Indian Actress, Paavam Viji, had to take a lawsuit against the hospital after they messed up her surgery for a hip and back problem. Two further operations followed and now she has difficulty even walking.2 An Indian politician, Murasoli Muran, underwent surgery to replace a heart valve and the one fitted was faulty, allegedly leading to his death. It must be noted, that he had been arrested just before the operation and his pacemaker may have been damaged during the arrest, causing problems for the surgeons.5

There are some good reviews, quite few and far between, with the facility being praised as clean, modern and efficient if a little expensive3 and the IVF facility does come in for some glowing praise.4

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