Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre

15 - Dr. Deshmukh Marg,
Pedder Road,
Mumbai- 400 026

+91 22-6657-3333 (main)
+91 22-6657-3010 (alternative)

email: info@jaslokhospital.net
web: www.jaslokhospital.net

The Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre is based in the bustling city of Mumbai, India and has been in existence for over thirty years after its inception by Seth Lokoomal Chanrai. As well as providing private medical care to the more affluent inhabitants of Mumbai, the facility performs procedures for some of the poorer members of society, for free. The facility has research links with Stanford University and is a center for seminars and conferences on new and modern techniques.1

The hospital is well known for IVF procedures, having performed over 2000 successful implantations, included genetically screened and manipulated IVF.1,5 It is also one of the leading facilities in India for organ transplants, with excellent recovery rates, and has links with hospitals in the US to pioneer new frontiers in medical and diagnostic techniques. The hospital is large, with 359 beds, and has 253 consultants working alongside 124 house doctors. There are also over 500 highly trained nursing staff employed by the hospital.1

The website is well designed with a wealth of information about the procedures and mission of this facility. Jaslok Hospital and Research Center will arrange airport pickups, translation, western style cuisine and offers air-conditioned private suites with TV, refrigerator and telephone. Whilst Jaslok does not offer any help with flights and accommodation, it does link with a leading medical health company who will undertake all of these arrangements, if required.1

The hospital's procedures cover a wide range and include assisted reproduction and genetics, dental surgery, dermatology, general surgery, oncology, neuroscience, orthopedics and plastic and reconstructive surgery. The IVF department is one of the most modern in the world, allowing per-screening of embryos for parents who are carriers for genetic diseases.1 The surgical facilities also utilize minimally invasive techniques, wherever possible, to reduce risks and make the whole recovery process a lot easier.1

The equipment at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center is amongst the most advanced in Asia, including high resolution MRI, PET scanners, computer aided hip replacement technology and CT guided surgery facilities and a HPS 120 watt KTP Laser, for prostate treatment.  These procedures are all performed in modern operating facilities that match anything else in the world.1

There is no information on the site about rates for the procedures but it does give a guide to the prices charged for recovery rooms. Some examples are US $65 for a bed in a deluxe recovery room to just $18 for a room in a ward, although the pricing structure on the site is not completely clear. It must be noted that these prices do not include any of the peripheral fees other than nursing care.1

There are some reviews about Jaslok Hospital and Research Center and they tend to be a little uncomplimentary. One reviewer complains that the hospital is a disorganized shambles and that the employees do not want to work.3 Another stated that, whilst the doctors and medical staff were skilled and professional, the auxiliary staff did appeared to want to do as little as possible; the attendant of the patient ended up having to do their work for them.4

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