Shroff Eye Hospital & LASIK Center

Vision Research Centre
222 S. V. Road, Bandra (West)
Mumbai 400 050. India
+91 22-6692-1000 (main)


Accreditations: JCI

The Shroff Eye Hospital is found in Mumbai and is one of the most prestigious eye-care facilities in India, employing the modern LASIK laser surgery method for correcting many visual defects. It was the first eye hospital in India to be given the coveted JCI certification and was established by Dr Arnand Shroff, a well respected surgeon in his field.1

The center seems to cater well for international patients; it has had clients from 87 countries, and the well designed website, available in English and Arabic, claims that the clinic has had many rich, famous and influential clients over the years. There is a comprehensive e-mail form for information and the clinic’s English speaking staff will help with accommodation and transport to and from nearby hotels.1 Full information is given on the site regarding what procedures need to be taken in the period leading up to consultation and surgery.

There are a few options for treatment at Shroff Eye Hospital, the first being LASIK treatment. This technique utilizes long established laser treatment practices, for which the hospital uses the ultra-modern Concerto 500 Hz laser, one of only 6 places worldwide to do so.1,2 This equipment is reputed to be a lot more accurate and safe than the previous technology and promotes much quicker healing times, with the surgery itself taking only 5 to 10 minutes per eye.1 The technology is fully FDA approved and is claimed to be the best of its type in the world.3,4

The clinic also offers Implantable Contact Lens technology for those who are unwilling or unable to utilize LASIK techniques. 65 000 people worldwide have been treated by this method because it is simpler than laser surgery, has fewer complications, and has a much quicker recuperation time. The other procedure for those unable to undergo the normal LASIK procedure, because of thin or dry corneas, is EPI LASIK, a slightly different technique which does, however, involve a longer healing period.1

The Shroff Eye Center also offers some solutions for arresting the development of the disease Keratoconus, an affliction that affects 1 in every 1000 people, causing a gradual decrease in eyesight quality. The clinic uses a method of injecting the lens, to strengthen the collagen fibres, and slow the onset of the disease without having to undergo complicated corneal transplants.1

The pre-consultation period for all treatment methods appears to be very thorough with Dr Shroff providing an extensive list of medical conditions and terms under which he will refuse to treat the patient. A list of the required pre-tests will be provided before the initial consultation and the clinic is prepared to repair damage caused by other laser treatments.1

Reviews about the Shroff Eye Center are very scarce so little independent assessment is possible although Dr Shroff does appear to offer a lot of advice on various medical forums.  Figures for eye surgery generally with laser methods claim that between 92 and 98% of patients are completely satisfied with the procedure and that less than 1% has had serious issues after the surgery. It is also possible that many of the unsatisfied patients had unrealistic expectations for the surgery as it does not guarantee 20/20 vision and some form of corrective lens may still be needed.4,5