Medical Travel and Tourism in Malaysia

This former British colony welcomes Westerners seeking medical tourism services.  Although Malaysia is primarily Muslim, most people speak English and understand Western culture.  While lesser known for medical tourism than Thailand or India, Malaysian hospitals and clinics are among the best in Asia and provide patients with high quality, affordable services.  A full range of medical treatments are available, from cardiovascular, to orthopedic, to dental and cosmetic procedures.  One in five of the hospitals in Malaysia cater to foreigners.  Healthcare costs are generally much lower than in the U.S. and UK.  A coronary artery bypass surgery costing $20,000 in the U.S. might cost approximately $6,000 in Malaysia.

Malaysia is known world wide for having spectacular food.  Top restaurants are available in every city.  Malaysia also is noted for having beautiful scenery, and natural wonders are scattered throughout Malaysia.  One can easily travel to the Seven Wells, a 90-meter-high formation of seven pools piled on top of each other, composing a breathtaking waterfall.

Malaysian hospitals utilize qualified doctors and nurses, and many are Western-trained.  Information about Malaysian hospitals can be found at or  Pantai Medical Centre is notable for its relationship with a dozen international insurance carriers, including CIGNA and Prudential.

Malaysia Factoids
•    More than 40 airlines fly to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, making it easy to get to Malaysia from anywhere in the world.
•    Malaysia’s rain forests and national parks are among the oldest in the world.
•    Malaysia is one of the biggest international shopping destinations in the world.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Malaysia

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