Medical Travel and Tourism in Mexico

American patients looking for flexibility and convenience are more frequently considering Mexico for medical tourism opportunities.  More and more people from the U.S. are flocking to Mexico for specialty services, such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry services, and eye surgery.  

While there are no large hospitals that medical tourists currently frequent, there are several smaller clinics, including Mexico Plastic Surgery Clinic, Rio Dental, and Codet Aris Vision Institute, all offering high tech services with American-trained professionals.  Nearing accreditation, these clinics expect to draw larger and larger numbers of people looking for affordable medical care.  Currently, CHRISTUS Muguerza is the only JCI-accredited hospital in Mexico.

Vision correction surgery that runs between $500-1,000 per eye in the US can be found at a considerable savings in Mexico, for $200-400 per eye.

The beautiful beaches of Cancun, Acapulco, and Cabo San Lucas offer travelers a place to enjoy the sun and relax.  Whether you enjoy scuba diving, cliff diving, big game fishing, or bullfighting, exciting adventures await in Mexico.  Mexico is recognized as having more World Heritage sites than any other country in the world; interesting historical ruins, pyramids, and cultural attractions are plentiful.

Mexico Factoids
•    Mexico was the 7th most popular vacation in 2005.
•    Mexico introduced chocolate to the world.
•    The Acapulco Convention Center is one of the main concert halls in the world.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Mexico

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