Hospital Angeles Tijuana

Av. Paseo de los Héroes # 10999
Zona Río Tijuana C.P. 22010
Tijuana, B.C. México
+52 664 635 1800 (outside Mexico)
+52 644-635-1900 (alternative)
01-664-635-1800 (Mexico)


Hospital Angeles Tijuana opened in 2004, as the first and largest all inclusive private hospital in the Baja California area. In 2007, it partnered with Stemedica Cell Technologies, allowing stem cell treatments for patients.1  The hospital’s 135 doctors are certified with the Mexican Medical Board and the facility is working towards JCI accreditation.2  Hospital Angeles Tijuana is part of the largest hospital chain in Mexico, Grupo Angeles Servicios de Salud.3  Along with its 18 hospitals, Grupo Angeles also owns other businesses, including hotels and radio stations. Located in Tijuana, the hospital is only a few minutes from the border and about 30 minutes away from the airport in San Diego, California, making it easily accessible.

Hospital Angeles’ comprehensive services include a diagnosis clinic, respiratory care and support, cardiovascular prevention and intervention, gynecology and obstetrics, neonatology, pathology, echocardiography, hemodynamics, nuclear medicine, coronary care, and mammography. Surgeries performed include general, cardiovascular, pediatric, neurosurgical, ophthalmology, oncology, laparoscopic, orthopedics, urology, proctology, gynecology and obstetrics, otorrhinolaryngology, cancer, transplants, and plastic and reconstructive. For those who require minimally invasive surgery, the outpatient surgery unit’s procedures include arthroscopy, cholecystectomy, endourology, inguinal hernioplasty, rhinosptoplasty, amyglectomy, endonasal surgery, saphenectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, lipectomy, ritidectomy, cataract extraction, strabismus correction, resection of soft tissue tumors, and osteosynthetic residue removal. Support services include imaging, a clinical laboratory and blood bank, an emergency room, 3rd and 4th dimension ultrasonography, computerized tomography scanning and magnetic resonance imaging, intermediate and intensive care units, and a helicopter pad.   

The self-contained facility also has a pharmacy, an outpatient clinic, a cafeteria, ATM, chapel, and gardens.4   It has 118 beds, including 10 suites and a master suite to meet a patient’s budget and preferences. Hospital Angeles’ services cost about 40% less than those provided in San Diego, California. It treats patients whether they are high-income, low-income, or uninsured and is striving to get contracts with stateside insurers, Medicare, cross-border health plans.5

At least 50% of the hospital’s patients are from the United States. Many of its staff members speak English and its signs are in English and Spanish. Its location may be ideal for many travelers as it is within walking distance of restaurants, a movie theatre, stores, and hotels. However, a patient and one accompanying guest can stay in the hospital.6  

The hospital’s website is professional and easy to navigate. The English version provides some of its services and procedures, a photo tour, a map, contact information, and an online form for questions or comments. The Spanish version has more extensive details about its medical staff, specialties, health care packets, and so forth.  

Despite Hospital Angeles being “nice”, one patient said that in retrospect he would not have gone there for numerous reasons: the “serious” language barrier with staff who aren’t in general bilingual, one doctor performed his and his wife’s lapband surgeries when they were expecting another, he received a different band than requested and expected, and gloves weren’t used while changing bandages or the I.V. After their procedures, he and his wife weren’t given any pain medications, their post operation orders were in Spanish, and no one returned their calls.7  However, experiences can differ from one visit to the next. Another patient, who also had lapband surgery, said his surgeon and the hospital’s staff were “great!!”8


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