Baja Oral Center

Jose Clemente Orozco St. 10122
Suite 408 4th floor
Suite 310, 3rd floor
Plaza Pacifico Building Zona Rio
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
619-270-5368 (US)
1-800-601-3795 (toll free)
+52 664-634-7626 (Mexico)


Baja Oral Center is located in Baja, Mexico. Claimed to be mercury-free, the clinic has six specialists and a support staff of thirteen. Near San Diego, California, and right across the border, Baja may be ideal for people who want to see the sights or seek medical care.

Specialists provide services for dental implants, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontal treatment, root canals, and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Baja Oral Center offers limited warranties for composite fillings, endodontic therapy, dentures and partials, and crowns, bridges, and veneers received there. The facility is equipped with intra-oral cameras and Digital X rays, for those who like to see the same view as the dentist.

Information about the specialists, all of whom speak English, is available on the website. Provided are their education, certifications, and affiliations. They all received their educations in Mexico and/or the United States. Each of them has certification in his or her own special field of dentistry.1  

Baja Oral Center’s staff can help arrange for accommodations, transportation, and restaurant reservations. The facility has special rates at a few hotels for their patients. Whether in Baja, Tijuana, or San Ysidro, California, lodging and other amenities are nearby.

Quality health care, without the long waiting periods or big bills, is available in Mexico. It was estimated that in 2006, over a million people worldwide crossed borders for medical treatment. In a study by the University of Texas Medical Center in El Paso, it was estimated that between the United States and Mexico’s border 20 million crossings were made for the sole purpose of health care.2   With more dentists per capita than any other country, Mexico is said to be the dental capital of the world. Dental training and certification in Mexico is very similar to those in the United States. Many of the dentists in Mexico receive their training in the United States and/or Europe.3  

Website looks nice, but the information isn’t laid out well. Photographs and success stories of the clinic precede information about the clinic and its services. The advantages of treatments are provided, but not the actual services themselves. However, it recommends the best times to cross the border into Mexico.

The severe lack of information or testimonials available online may or may not speak for the quality of dental care provided at Baja Oral Center. One patient describes his experiences with breaking a tooth, seeking treatment in San Diego, and finally finding an affordable and permanent solution across the border. At Baja Oral Center, Doctor Martinez told him a crown would be better and cheaper than the dental implant his local doctor had suggested, saving him over $2,000. Gum surgery and a crown cost him $850. His daughter and grandchildren regularly receive their dental care at Baja Oral Center, which he recommends to everyone. In conclusion, he says, “I found that the Tijuana dentists I dealt with were very professional and highly competent and used the latest equipment and techniques. More importantly, they seemed to really care about their patients as opposed to a lot of US dentists who, when you open your mouth, only see dollar signs.”4  


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