Mexican Dental Vacation

Mexican Dental Vacation
Olas Altas #1
Centro Historico Mazatlan,
82000 Mexico
1-780-701-2507 (US/Canada)
+52 669-981-8236 (main)


Mexican Dental Vacation is located in Mazatlan, Mexico. Originally from Oregon, Nick Konev founded the clinic after having difficulty finding a good dentist in Mazatlan.1  Konev manages the business while Dr. Lino Guzman takes care of the dental duties.

The clinic’s services include bridges, crowns, veneers, dentures, root canals, bone grafts, and sinus lifts. Its digital x-ray provides instant imagery while using up to 90% less radiation. The intra-oral camera displays imagery on a screen so patients can see inside their mouth. To help keep costs low, the clinic outsources some of its work out to local dentists. Lab work is performed by independent labs. The lab’s average delivery time is 4 days. “Rush” orders are charged double, but delivery time is 24-48 hours.

Dr. Guzman, who speaks English and Spanish, received his education at La Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa in Mexico. He is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. His wife, Dr. Mesa, is the clinic’s general dentist but the website doesn’t provide any further information about her. Alisa Bird, who also speaks English, is the clinic’s dental assistant and office manager. Relevant and important information is omitted from the profiles on the website, but Dr. Guzman “has an excellent chairside manner”.2  

Quality healthcare is available in Mexico, without the steep costs and uncertain waiting periods found in the United States and Europe. According to HealthCare Tourism International, bridges and bonding are the most sought after dental procedures.3  In the United States, the cost of bridges ranges between $1,000 and $3,000 per tooth.4  Mexican Dental Vacation’s price for 3-unit bridges is $1,200, plus lab fees. It was estimated that between the United States and Mexico’s border 20 million crossings were made for the sole purpose of medical services.5

One patient was happy with the treatments and personal attention received at the clinics he visited. However, at Mexican Dental Vacation, Dr. Mackay couldn’t extract his teeth so took him to a dental surgeon, who also had difficulties. Despite everything, the patient planned to return to continue treatment with Dr. Mackay, who has since resigned and returned to the States. Overall, he was “very happy” with the clinic and didn’t come across any language barriers.

Another patient is “not quite sold on” the clinic, but was pleased with the other local dentists she saw and thought the clinic was “going in the right direction” by sending her elsewhere. The fact that she never received the refund promised by Konev can be seen as poor customer service. She felt that Dr. Mackay appeared “much more competent with both business and dental knowledge” than Konev, who should be left “out of the picture”.6

Other feelings about Mexican Dental Vacation follow the same lines. Those who saw Dr. Mackay received excellent treatment, but one patient said his dentist “was bad”. Another actually stopped her treatments mid-way through.7  All share the same bad opinion of the clinic’s customer service, or lack thereof.8   

The clinic’s website has a price listing of its services, limited profiles about its staff members, and forms for contacting them and scheduling appointments. With its travel links, golf package, and “free massage with your appointment” the website comes off very commercial-like.



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Dental Tourism to Mexico

Dental Tourism is indeed gaining popularity along the US-mexican border as well as to Mexico in general - Booming border cities with a unique advantage on the Mexican side: Medical Costs are way cheaper in Mexico compared to U.S. costs. Therefore U.S.-Americans travel just over the border to see a doctor or buy pharmaceuticals. But, some people may be apprehensive for various reasons about seeing a dentist in Mexico. Why is that? And on the other hand, what are the push- and pull-factors that make patients cross the border and receive dental treatment in Mexico? Each need of the patient has to be met, but what are those? “Mexican Dentists are not held to the same standards as in the U.S.”, but is that really true?

My name is Katja Schnee. I recently research on Medical Tourism to Mexico and especially concentrate on Dental Tourism. I am a graduate student presently writing my diploma thesis at the University of Trier, Germany.

I would like to ask U.S.-American patients on their last dental visits across the border in Mexico. A lot of online blogs and articles tell me that there is a huge forum for discussion and many left open questions. The answers are only used for statistical purposes and the information won’t be shared, sold or distributed to any third parties.

If you have visited Mexico for dental treatment before, I would be very grateful if you could share your opinions by taking about 10 minutes to fill out the following questionnaire. The data will be kept strictly confidential and your anonymity will be guaranteed. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Your answers are very important for my work and are only used for statistical purposes. Start by clicking on the following link or by copying and pasting it in your browser:

Share your opinion about dental treatments you already experienced in Mexico through my survey.

Thank you for your participation in advance.

Katja Schnee (