Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

Your Guide to Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Mexico is a rapidly growing destination for health tourists from the US, with US citizens racking up as many as 20 million trips for the sole purpose of cheap health care (the figure includes Mexicans traveling to the US)4. The fact that Mexico boasts some fascinating sights and places to visit means that cosmetic surgery procedures can be combined with a relaxing vacation; the savings made from the cheaper plastic surgery can contribute towards some well-earned relaxation time.3

Prices for plastic surgery in Mexico are up to 40% cheaper than in the US and a full range of services is offered in all manner of reconstructive and aesthetic procedures1. In addition, the cosmetic surgery facilities in Mexico are rated, by the World Health Organization, as comparable in quality to those in the US. In addition, the qualifications and abilities of the Mexican surgeons are very well regarded.2

Many of the excellent cosmetic surgery facilities are located in Tijuana, just a few kilometers south of San Diego and its International airport, with many clinics running a cheap shuttle service between the two cities.5

As with any complicated surgical procedure, you have to live with the results, so it is essential to check out the facilities beforehand. Research the clinic’s own website for information on the procedures offered and the qualifications of the surgeons, but also look for independent testimonials giving assessments that are more honest.

With up to 20 million US citizens making the journey across the border,4 there are bound to be a few bad reviews, but it is wise to avoid any facilities attracting an abundance of negative opinions online.

You should also perform a little research into the exact procedure followed, as well as what it entails so that the surgeon cannot blind you with jargon. Ask to speak to him, even if only on the phone beforehand, to set your mind at rest before handing over any money.

On the whole, reviews about the cosmetic surgery facilities in Mexico tend to be very good, praising the quality of service as well as the professionalism and dedication show by the staff.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Institute, Tijuana, offers the full range of facial and body plastic surgery procedures at a cheap price. The Surgeons are all fully qualified and the staff is bilingual.7 Unfortunately, there is little independent review about the facility available so it is difficult to make a judgment about the services offered.

Cosmed Clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic procedures, from facial surgery to breast augmentation and liposuction, and everything in between.  The facility offers a wide range of services for international patients, including discounted rates at local hotels and a shuttle bus to the US border.5 Whilst reviews on the facility are a little difficult to find, they are all complimentary and praise the quality of the work performed there. There are certainly no bad reviews about cosmetic surgery at Cosmed.

Estheticos, also in Tijuana, is another facility offering a wide range of services and is equipped with some of the most advanced surgical technology in North America. The staff is all well qualified and bilingual and is constantly trained to keep up with the latest developments in technology. The website is very well constructed and full of information about the services and procedures offered.6 Reviews tend to be a little difficult to find but are all very positive about the procedures and the staff.

Mexico Plastic Surgery Clinic in Tijuana is a large facility offering a range of cosmetic procedures, appearing to specialize in reconstructive surgery although also with an extensive aesthetics program. The prices seem to be cheap and comparable with other facilities in Mexico but the website does not appear to contain an awful lot of information.8 There does not appear to be many reviews about this surgery so it is difficult to judge the quality of the services and the procedures offered there.

Miguelangelo clinic in Baja California Sur is a clinic offering a wide variety of aesthetic cosmetic surgery procedures, from botox through to facial surgery and breast augmentation.9 Reviews are very mixed about the facility, being especially critical of the support staff.

The medical side of the hospital is rated very highly for the quality of the end result and the gentle manner of the surgeon. However, it does appear to be difficult to obtain the refund promised if cancellation is given with plenty of notice, so it seems that the financial department and management may be a problem.

In general, Mexico does appear to be a genuinely high quality destination for cosmetic surgery procedures, with the facilities and standards matching anything that the US has to offer. The cheap price and wide range of plastic surgery procedures match any other country in the world for value.2,4

The Mexican qualifications are stringent and most surgeons have spent periods of time training in the US and Europe. Added to this is the fact that Mexico is an easily reached and beautiful destination for a vacation so that the treatments can be co-coordinated with a relaxing period of recuperation.2