Rio Dental

Juarez, Mexico
(patients are shuttled to the clinic from El Paso, TX)
1-800-886-8023 (toll free)
915-760-8773 (main)


Rio Dental is located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which borders El Paso, Texas. The full service clinic provides services for general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry. All of the dentists are licensed in Mexico and staff members speak English. Rio Dental is owned by Jessica Andel, a Mexican dentist, and her American husband, Joseph Andel, who manages the clinic.

Services provided at Rio Dental include mercury-free resin fillings, whitening, veneers, dentures, implants, mini-implants, extractions, and root canals. Porcelain and metal porcelain crowns and bridges are also available. The clinic is equipped with an intra-oral camera and digital x-rays and distilled water is used in the dental units. The lab work is completed across the border in El Paso.

Easily accessible for many, the clinic is 5 minutes from the border and 15 minutes from Texas International Airport. About 99% of Rio Dental’s patients travel from the United States. Shuttle service can be provided free of charge for patients coming from the airport or the El Paso area.

It is easy to qualify for financing and the clinic accepts American insurance. There is a discount offered for active or retired military, law-enforcement, and firefighters.1  In the United States, regular dental treatment can be expensive and difficult to get for those who are uninsured. Rio Dental’s price for a crown is $219 or more, depending on its material. Root canals cost $189 for incisors and $259 for molars. Stateside, a crown costs between $500 and $3,000.2  A root canal may be $350-$540 for an incisor and $520-$800 for a molar. The estimate, which may be higher at some dentists, excludes any treatment and procedures necessary before the actual root canal.3

Negative thoughts about treatment received at Rio Dental seem to be in the minority. In a forum, one patient said that his new crown didn’t meet his standards and thinks a better dentist can be found. In response, another patient said that not only did he have a good experience at Rio Dental, but he has also seen several other happy patients there.4

When asked about a good dentist in Mexico, a woman replied with Rio Dental. She had “great work” done for $1500, instead of $5000 stateside. However, she does warn that it would be safer for a woman traveling alone to take accommodations up in El Paso and use the clinic’s shuttle service.5  Another patient said staff members provided good care, were clean and professional, and they spoke English. He “couldn’t have been more happy” about following a friend’s recommendation.6  Like with any visit to an establishment, no one is perfect and experiences and expectations vary.

On Rio Dental’s website, some of its services and their pricings are listed. Although there isn’t any information on the clinic’s dentists there are some photos of staff, the facility, and work done. One can send questions or comments via an online form. Also provided is travel information including maps, directions, and hotels in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. The website, which is in English, is pretty simple and straightforward.





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