Medical Travel and Tourism in Philippines

Find top-rated medical care in the Philippines when looking for cosmetic surgery, dental treatments, weight loss surgery, or eye surgery.  Most health care providers are Western-trained and English-speaking, so cutting edge procedures are available at several hospitals.  The Philippines government is actively encouraging the industry of bringing medical travelers to its country: in a recent roundtable discussion held at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo called on the active promotion of medical tourism.

St. Luke’s Medical Center and The Medical City offer medical tourists JCI-accredited facilities and affordable treatment packages.  Save up to 50% on customary charges in the US by traveling to the Philippines.  A liposuction surgery costing $3,000 in the US may cost only $1,500 in Manila.

While in the Philippines, tourists enjoy beautiful tropical white sand beaches, exclusive scuba diving opportunities, whale shark expeditions, and fascinating ecotours.  With a low cost of living, a prevalent English-speaking population, and an extensive calendar of cultural events, the Philippines has much to offer as a medical tourism destination.

Philippines Factoids
•    The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands and is the only Southeast Asian country to not share any land borders with its neighbors.
•    Boracay’s 4-km white sand beach is known as the”finest beach in the world.”
•    The Filipino people are legendary for their hospitality, allowing for ever-increasing numbers of medical tourists.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Philippines

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