Bay View Private Hospital

Corner Alhof & Ryk Tulbach Street
Mossel Bay
South Africa

+27 (0) 44 691 3718 (main)


Bay View Private Hospital is based in Mossel Bay, South Africa, and must surely be one of the most beautiful locations, to undergo medical procedures, in the world. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the hospital is unique in that it organizes whale watching tours to fit alongside the medical treatments and recovery. The staff at the facility are highly trained and undergo regular refresher training, to keep up with the latest advances in medical technology. The hospital also possesses its own diagnostics laboratory, ensuring quick and efficient diagnostic results.1

Many tourists are attracted by the new plastic surgery department, allowing them to combine minor procedures alongside the vacation of a lifetime.2 In addition, Mossel Bay is rapidly becoming an area for wealthy South Africans and international investors to buy property, so the hospital is constantly expanding to meet their needs.2

The website is beautifully written and produced, although a little light on specific information; it informs the prospective health tourist about the beautiful surrounding area, as well as giving information on the medical procedures and specialties. Bay View Private Hospital caters well for international patients, and has links with travel agents and guesthouses, to help in arranging the complete tourism package. The hospital is also set up for receiving emergency transfers from the airport, by helicopter or ambulance, if required.1

As well as an intensive care unit and emergency facilities, the hospital specializes in all manner of cardiac diagnosis and surgery.  The cardio-thoracic surgeons, at Bay View, are skilled in performing all manner of procedures; these include bypasses, valve replacements and chest surgery, amongst many other treatments.1

In addition, there are departments for orthopedic surgery, urology, general surgery, opthalmology and neurosurgery. Bay View employs a team of dedicated pediatric staff, selected for their skills and gentle manner with younger patients. For all surgery at Bay View, minimally invasive procedures are used wherever possible, resulting in fewer complications and shorter recovery times.1

Bay View Private Hospital is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities, including an ultra-modern Toshiba Helical CT scanner, MRI equipment and well equipped operating theatres. The hospital possesses a number of private rooms for patient recovery, all air-conditioned and containing a television. There is also a canteen serving nutritious food, with all types of special dietary requirements being fully catered for.1

There is little information about prices on the site but, according to reviewers, the hospital is not the cheapest but does offer a very high quality of care. Some examples of prices are US $36 000 for heart bypass surgery and $6 300 for a facelift.5 These prices are a little higher than many health tourism friendly facilities but are still much cheaper than health-care in the US and Europe.

Reviews on Bay View Private Hospital are a little difficult to find. The hospital is regarded as one of the finest facilities in the world for quality treatment by some reviewers.3,5 There has, unfortunately, been one news report of negligence by a surgeon at the facility resulting in the death of a patient.4 Another reviewer was very unhappy about the attitude of one of the members of staff working in the accounts department.6