Cape Town Medi-Clinic

21 Hof Street, Oranjezicht 8001
P O Box 12199, Mill Street 8010
South Africa
+27 21-464-5500 (main)


Cape Town Medi Clinic, based in the large city of Cape Town, is a large 150 bed hospital, with 5 operating theatres, providing all levels of care for the local population. The facility is part of the Medi Care Group, which operates 40 private hospitals all across South Africa and Namibia. The hospital building was constructed in 1929, but was bought and completely renovated and re-equipped by the Medi Care Group in 1997. The hospital has been awarded the tough South African accreditation (COHSASA), meaning that it meets all international standards.1  

The website is well constructed and offers a wealth of information for health tourists who are thinking of visiting South Africa. The site contains information about the local area, South African tourism opportunities, and what precautions need to be taken before visiting the country. There is also a nice visual tour of the facilities, as well as a short introduction to the doctors and staff working at the hospital.1 The site for the Medi Care group, as a whole, has reams of information to wade through, including some excellent PDF documents about how to alleviate certain conditions and what medical intervention may be required.3

Cape Town Medi Clinic is trying to tap into the vast health tourism potential of South Africa and has appointed a Client Services Manager, who is experienced in dealing with patients from all around the world. They will put you in touch with a reputable travel agent, to assist in arranging flights, as well as helping to arrange accommodation for relatives in nearby guesthouses. Airport pick-ups can be organized and a full holiday itinerary can be constructed around the surgery. In addition, the hospital is happy to put an enquirer in touch with an ex-patient, from the same country, to discuss the hospital and its services.1

In addition, Medi Care has its own subsidiary group, Medi-Travel International, which will help to arrange all aspects of medical tourism as well as being available to help if international tourists require hospitalization whilst touring South Africa. For this service, it works closely with the Emergency Unit at the Cape Town facility.5

Cape Town Medi Clinic provides a wide range of procedures, encompassing most medical disciplines. These include ER and ICU rooms, dentistry, dermatology, general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics and plastic surgery, to name just a few. The orthopedic surgery is one of only three in the world to specialize in training shoulder specialists, mainly due to the large number of rugby related injuries in South Africa.1

Equipment at the hospital is modern and matches the technology used at most hospitals across the world, with Medi Care forming a subsidiary company to manufacture and maintain much of its own medical equipment.3

There are a few reviews on Cape Town Medi Clinic; one reviewer fell ill whilst enjoying a wonderful vacation in South Africa. The were astounded by the level of service at the hospital and the low prices for the treatments, paying less than £200 for the care, the room, food and medication.2 South Africa, in general, comes in for a lot of praise, with many health tourists combining excellent quality and low cost surgery with a once in a lifetime safari experience.4