Carter Gordon Clinic

13 Anthony Street
Plettenberg Bay
Western Cape
6600 South Africa
+27 44-533-3041 (main)
+27 44-533-6079 (alternative)


Carter Gordon Clinic, in South Africa, is a rehabilitation center specializing in helping patients with alcohol and drug dependencies to break the cycle of addiction and return to a normal life. The center is a 15 room facility situated in the beautiful and serene Plettenburg Bay area of South Africa, allowing rehabilitation without distractions. The clinic also operates secondary care facilities and halfway houses to further help dependent individuals integrate into society, rather than just casting them adrift.1 The head of treatment was the first South African to receive the FDAP UK6 certification; he has also been accredited with the internationally recognized IC and RC certifications.1,5

The website is well designed and gives a good insight into the procedures and the methods used by the clinic in the treatment of patients. There is no information for international patients on the site, but the West Cape area of South Africa is well serviced by regular flights, and has a plethora of guesthouses for relatives and assistants to stay at. Carter Gordon Clinic will also arrange airport pick-ups, if required, and assist in finding good quality accommodation for relatives and friends.3 The site contains some excellent links, which explain the reasons why people fall prey to addictions as well as the symptoms to look for. The clinic, like most other similar facilities, regards substance addictions as a disease rather than a lifestyle choice.4

The treatment for addictions at the center follows the tried and tested 12 point Minnesota plan, a tried and tested technique that has had success in many rehabilitation centers across the globe. The plan is based around taking a holistic approach to dependency treatment; stopping taking the drug is only treating the symptom, instead of addressing the emotional and personal issues which led to addiction in the first place. The patient must make wholesale changes to their lifestyle, in order to prevent relapse once a return to normal routine is established. Carter Gordon Clinic tries to tailor the treatment to thee needs and requirements of the individual, rather than applying some arbitrary blanket treatment.1

The treatment, as well as utilizing counseling methods, includes team building exercises and excursions to try and raise the self-esteem of the patients. Kayaking, swimming, horse riding and nature walks all help in distracting the mind from the gradual reduction in dependency levels, and withdrawal from the drug.3

There is little direct information about prices but it is stated that the clinic is far cheaper than other facilities in the UK and that the price is inclusive of everything.3 The price is certainly worth it if it helps prevent the personal and emotional costs that eventually must be paid by any addict.1

There are some excellent reviews about Carter Gordon Clinic. One reviewer traveled all the way from France and was delighted with the personal attention and treatment given. The prices were cheap, even including flights, and being such a long distance from home helped in the process by allowing the patient to fully focus on the treatment plan and break the vicious circle of addiction.2