Medical Travel and Tourism in Thailand

Thailand has emerged as the biggest medical tourism hotspot, boasting a broad range of available and accredited facilities and treatments.  In Thailand, clinics have been developed to specialize in cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, dental treatments, and cosmetic surgery.  Whether you need major cardiac surgery, dental implants, or even a sex change operation, Thailand is the place you’ll find the most options.

After having treatments at the state-of-the-art clinics and hospitals, tourists can remain in Thailand and enjoy a vacation, taking in many of the cultural, natural, and historical treats.  Many Thai people speak English, so getting around the country shouldn’t be too overwhelming.  Maybe you’re interested in the beautiful beaches of Phuket or Koh Samui—these destinations are only a short plane ride away from the main hospitals in Bangkok or Bumrungrad.  Every part of Thailand is steeped in rich history, from gracious historical parks, Buddhist temples and statues, or beautiful shrines and palaces.  

The top medical spots for Westerners in Thailand include Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Group Medical Center, Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok International Dental Center.  Medical tourism is an important part of the Thai economy, and stringent accreditation procedures are in place, ensuring that Thailand will continue to be a front runner for providing the highest-quality and most affordable options available.

Thailand Factoids
•    The Thai government actively supports medical tourism.  In 2005, 1.28 foreigners sought medical treatment in Thailand.  
•    Bumrungrad Hospital recently completed construction of an 18-story outpatient unit, making them capable of treating 6,000 patients per day.  It is likely that 60% of these patients are foreigners.
•    A tooth extraction that typically costs $350 in the US costs approximately $30-40 USD in Thailand.
•    Most physicians in Thailand are trained and certified in the US or UK.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in Thailand

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