Bangkok Dental Group (Siam Square Location)

Siam Square Street 2
Unit 236/3 to 236/4 (Level 2 to 4)
Pratuwan, Bangkok 10330
+66 (0) 2 658 4774


Affiliated Clinics

Bangkok Dental Home (Phahonyothin Location)
Bangkok International Dental Center


Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) has Bangkok Dental Group (BDG) and Bangkok Dental Home (BDH) as its subsidiary dental hospitals. Bangkok Dental Group was established at Siam Square by a group of dental specialists in Thailand. Over 60 dental specialists are associated with BIDC and its subsidiary hospitals in Thailand. The doctors at BIDC and its clinics are graduates from universities of international repute in United Kingdom, America, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and at Thailand, with the doctors in the management being Master's graduates from UK and Thailand.

The services offered at Bangkok Dental Group include general dentistry consultation, cleaning and polishing, fillings, aesthetic dentistry, dental crowns, dental veneers, endodontic dentistry, oral surgery, prosthodontic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, implantology, periodontic dentistry, preventive dentistry, pedodontic dentistry etc. Bangkok Dental Group specializes in dental aesthetics and laser treatments. Detailed information regarding each of these services can be obtained on the website of the hospital.

The details of qualifications, certifications and employment history of each doctor at the hospital finds a mention in the website. The website lists all the dentists on the staff of Bangkok Dental Group. The doctors are listed according to their specialization. One can make a choice of the dentist he wants to consult based on the information given.

Bangkok Dental Group is technologically up-to-date with the latest equipments including dental units, x-ray machines, laser systems, sterilization machines, scaling and filling equipment, equipment for dental implants and endodontics. The hospital claims to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sterilization.

A rate list is published on the web site. The list also includes the number of days for which the treatment would last. The rates are quoted in Thai Baht, so for international patients the rates would vary according to the exchange rates applicable for the day of payment. At Bangkok Dental Group, a basic cleaning is 800 Thai baht ($22 in U.S. dollars).  Fillings range from 400-800 THB ($11-22 USD).  Tooth whitening prices vary from 6,000-7,500 THB ($170-243 USD).  Crowns run from 7,500-16,000 THB ($214-457 USD).  A veneer is quoted at 9,000-10,000 THB ($257-285).  Prices for oral surgery, orthodontics, and implants vary widely depending on the type of treatment, but a few examples are: tooth extraction for 600-1,000 THB ($17-28), acrylic resin full dentures 20,000-30,000 THB ($571-850), Invisalign 180,000 THB ($5,142), Nobel Biocare implant 65,000-75,000 THB ($1,857-2,140 USD).  All U.S. figures assume an exchange rate of USD1 = THB35.

Foreign patients can make payments easily through credit cards; the list of accepted credit cards should be checked for your preferred credit card. The hospital requests its international patients to ascertain that the required amounts be in the account before travels are made. The hospital does not charge any additional amounts for treatment of international patients.

International patient services include providing hotels and other facilities at corporate rates to foreign patients. The hospital has liaison with a number of hotels in Siam Square for this purpose. A list of these hotels, their telephone numbers, fax numbers, addresses and e-mail reservation links are provided at the website. In addition, Bangkok Dental Group liaisons with travel and tour operators for making travel arrangements for international patients. The hospital can be contacted via e-mail or telephone for details.

The hospital entertains e-mails for inquiry and appointment bookings, questions on dental treatments, time scheduling, dental treatment consultation, packages and promotions. E-mails regarding hotel arrangements and recommendations, travel, vacationing and tour arrangements are also answered by the hospital.

A case gallery that has pictures and explanatory details of the treatments of people done in the hospital and how it has made a difference in their teeth alignment closely shows how capable the doctors are. Patients seeking dental treatment can take a look at the pictures on the website and decide whether they intend to employ the facilities of the hospital.

The location of the Bangkok Dental Group is explained in the website with the help of maps and easy-to-follow directions of how to get there. One can get the printable versions of the directions in English and Thai.