Bangkok Hospital Phuket

2/1 Hongyok Utis Rd.
Muang District
Phuket, 83000, Thailand
+66 (0) 7625 4425 (main)


Accreditations: HA

The Bangkok Hospital, Phuket, was opened near to the popular tourist destinations of Thailand in 1995. The facility initially opened with 50 beds and has now expanded to 200 beds, appearing to be a small but well equipped high quality hospital. It has 12 elite and specialized clinics as well as 56 doctors and a highly experienced contingent of staff. The hospital possesses all of the certifications needed for a private hospital to operate in Thailand.1

Support for the international patient is excellent; the majority of staff members speak fluent English and interpreters are provided for most major languages.2 The near future will see an expansion in the services offered by Bangkok Hospital, with a concierge service already in place and links with hotels and transport services in the process of being set up. Private apartments to allow onsite recuperation are planned but there has been no date set for the completion of these.1

The website is packed with information and helpful advice for medical tourists although parts of it are currently being updated. Whilst there is little information, at present, on the details of the help given to international tourists by the International Center, it does offer to help with health insurance issues, embassy contact, onward travel problems and with repatriation home if required. In addition, the hospital has established links with many of the major North American and European insurance companies to make the whole process much easier.1

The technological equipment at Bangkok Hospital is ‘state of the art’ and compares favorably with most western facilities. BHP is equipped with a new CT scanner, an MRI monitor and has an FDA approved LASIK eye surgery device on site. A modern osmotic dialysis machine is available for patients needing haemodialysis and the hospital possesses the most advanced immunology and microbiology laboratory in South East Asia.1

The hospital, whilst smaller than the well-known Bangkok faculties, specializes in a number of procedures, both medical and cosmetic. The ‘Aesthetic Center’ appears to be clean and modern and offers most of the common cosmetic techniques. Facelifts, liposuction, breast augmentation, reduction and lifting as well as rhinoplasty are all offered, alongside other treatments. BHP does not have the wide range of procedures present in other Thai hospitals but that is unsurprising given its relatively small size; it seems to concentrate on doing a few specialities to a good standard.1

The medical side of Bangkok Hospital also has the same emphasis on quality rather than quantity with a small number of highly specialized clinics offering various surgeries. The ‘Bone and Joint Clinic’ offers knee and hip replacements, back and lumbar operations and treatments for the Osteoporosis common in older patients. The Heart Center offers most types of heart surgery and, where possible, uses ‘keyhole techniques to minimize both risks and recovery time in patients. A dental surgery rated as excellent and cheap by previous patients.4 and a gastrointestinal and liver facility complete the picture.1

Due to its proximity to major tourist destinations, the hospital has a well equipped ER and trauma center as well as a hyperbaric chamber for those admitted after having had problems whilst diving.1 The hospital, under tragic circumstances, hit the headlines during both the Tsunami and the 2007 Phuket air crash and was commended for the help it gave to the injured.5

Reviews on Bangkok Hospital are quite hard to find but are excellent; the care is reputed to be the best care outside Bangkok with prices being 70 to 80% less than similar procedures in the US;4 the facility seems to live up to its promise of high quality, specialized care at an affordable price.