Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital

9/1, Convent Road
Silom Bangkok 10500, Thailand
+66 2-686-2700 (main)


Bangkok nursing home hospital is based in the Thai capital and has a long and distinguished history; it was one of the first private hospitals in Thailand, having being set up in 1898 by British expatriates. The hospital first began offering services to foreign patients in 1996, when a new complex was opened on the site. It is now a 225 bed facility boasting some of the most modern facilities in Thailand and has treated over 50 000 international patients hailing from over 70 countries.1

The slightly dated website is nevertheless full of the necessary information in English and caters fully for the international patient; the hospital has received an award from the Prime Minister of Thailand for its services to foreign patients. The international center caters well for visitors from abroad, offering translators in most of the major European and Asian languages. Every patient will be assigned a personal assistant who will visit every day and will offer all of the services needed, including embassy contact, keeping in touch with the patient’s own doctor, arranging insurance, medvac and contacting relatives in the case of emergency treatment. The hospital does appear to cater also for expatriates with many health classes, such as prenatal and healthy living classes being conducted in English. There is also a range of recovery rooms, depending upon budget, and a library with full internet access.1

For a smaller sized hospital, BNH boasts many departments and specialties, possessing all of the equipment that would be expected in such a facility including MRI and CT machines as well as fluoroscopy equipment. The surgeons are trained in many procedures from tumor removal to orthopedic procedures. The main specialty is spinal surgery including disc replacement, and it was the first hospital in Thailand to offer minimal access spinal surgery which results in a lower recovery time and less chance of complications. The surgery centre offers a wide range of operations including surgery for gallstones, appendix problems and plastic surgery in addition to a well regarded procedure for microsurgery of the hands.1

The dental clinic offers all forms of treatment, from general minor repairs to full maxillofacial surgery. It liaises with the plastic surgery department to help facial reconstructions for people with facial disfigurements; especially those caused by tumor surgery. Other facilities, apart from the modern ER and trauma unit, are departments for dermatology, haemodialysis, nephrology, infertility and diabetes and endocrinology. There is also an international travel center which offers advice and gives immunizations for those traveling onto risky countries.1

Reviews for this hospital are plentiful and tend to be very positive. The rates seem to be a little higher than similar facilities in Thailand but the service seems to be first rate.2 Sometimes the doctors are a little brusque, which appears to be the case with many Thai doctors, but the nurses and other staff are wonderful, kind and knowledgeable.2,3 For one patient who had a hip replacement the stay was pleasant with a personal physician being assigned throughout the whole stay.4 For a relatively small hospital it does seem to offer a wide range of procedures, especially for older patients and would appear to be a good place to end up in if emergency treatment is needed. Prices appear to be a little higher than most Thai hospitals but maybe that is the price to be paid for such excellent service.3,4