Bumrungrad International

33 Sukhumvit 3 (Soi Nana Nua)
Wattana, Bangkok 10110

+66 0-2667-1000
+66 0-2667-1555 (out-patient appointments)
+66 0-2667-2300 (dental appointments)

email: info@bumrungrad.com
web: www.bumrungrad.com

Accreditations: JCI

Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, is the largest private hospital in South-East Asia and treats over 1 million patients every year, including 400 000 international patients from over 190 countries. This large medical facility employs over 900 doctors, dentists and consultants trained in many countries, including the US, the UK, Germany and Japan, and possesses an American influenced management structure.1 It must be noted, however, that Tom Keeling, of the ‘Medical Tourism Review’, calls into question the number of international patients treated at Bumrungrad, believing it to be overstated.2

The hospital itself was established in 1980, in 2002 was the first hospital in Asia to receive the coveted JCI accreditation and, in 2005, was reaccredited; the first hospital outside the US to receive this accolade. It is also one of only 14 out of the 100 Thai private hospitals to receive the country’s own quality certification. In addition, The Red Cross gave Bumrungrad a grade ‘A’ for its invasive cardiology, cardiac and neurosurgery departments and, recently, the procedures for treating strokes and cardiac problems were audited and found to meet JCI and US guidelines.1

Bumrungrad International Hospital covers most modern procedures and has 30 speciality centres covering a wide range of procedures. These include cancer treatment with radiotherapy, cardiac procedures and operations, all forms of plastic surgery, dialysis and kidney transplantation, neurology, orthopaedics, eye-laser surgery, fertility treatments, dental operations and diabetes treatments. Bumrungrad specialises in bone marrow transplants and has recently started offering intensive and cutting edge stem-cell therapy procedures.1

The facility is well versed in dealing with international patients, with English and other languages being widely spoken, and the very well laid out website contains an international section to help you find the information required for your trip. Bumrungrad offers to help you to plan all aspects of your trip, from initial contact through to completion of surgery and aftercare. The hospital has links with travel agencies too, handling flights and accommodation, as well as a concierge service to greet you at the airport. Bumrungrad International Hospital does own over 100 apartments and has many good hotels within easy travelling distance. Co-ordination with international insurance companies is supported and the facility has its own visa extension desk if needed; according to two review websites the whole package provides exceptional service.3, 4

The recovery facilities range from about $80 per night in a shared four bed room, $195 for a single room and up to $1000 for a royal suite; these prices include all nursing services. A limousine service can be arranged although this may indicate a bias on the part of the hospital towards the high-end of the market.5 Prices for the treatments themselves are reasonable, by US standards, with one patient’s heart condition treated for $6 400 instead of the $47 000 that would be needed in the US.6 The hospital’s own claim of being up to 70% cheaper than similar organisations in the US and EU appears to be fair.1

Reviews of Bumrungrad International Hospital are mixed; one patient posted a review complaining about poor service received during and after a breast augmentation operation with the bedside manner of the doctor involved being called into question.5 Another review on the same site praised the whole package, stating that “Bumrungrad would compete with the finest US hospitals” although the reviewer recommends booking through the website rather than using the international representatives found in some countries.5

Another unhappy patient complained about her facelift procedure and stated “Bumrungrad International Hospital uses fancy suits and PR to attract you but does not want to know you after they have your money” and there does not seem to be a very well developed litigation procedure in Thailand.7 Finally, there have been some allegations of malpractice and cover ups at the Bumrungrad so it is worth checking things out instead of just relying on their own website.8

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