Phuket International Hospital

44 Chalermprakiat Ror 9 Road
Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000
+66 (0) 76-249-400 (main)


Accreditations: ISO 9001

Phuket international hospital is found in the popular holiday destination of Phuket and is a small but well equipped facility catering for many different needs. The hospital was opened in 1978, by Doctors Anuroj and Supanee, as a small clinic and was expanded, in 1982, to 36 beds. Now known as PIH it relocated in 1993 with 90 beds, 6 intensive care units and top of the range diagnostic and inpatient facilities. New facilities were finished in 2007 and the hospital now employs 50 highly qualified doctors with 100 000 patients passing through its doors every year.1

The professionally designed website is full of information bout the services offered and caters well for the international patient with six languages being represented. The specialist international center promises to help medical tourists throughout their entire stay, co-coordinating the stay, admissions, appointment and discharge process s well s offering interpretation services when needed. It also will help patients to co-ordinate arrangements with insurance companies, family doctors and embassies.1 Phuket is a major tourist destination so it would be nice to mix minor surgery with recovery in one of the world’s most beautiful places.2

The services offered at the hospital, as expected, are not as extensive as at one of the Bangkok facilities, but it does have many procedures of interest to prospective foreign patients. As well as full ER and intensive care facilities for tourists who need them in and around this popular resort, it offers a daily dialysis service for those who need it, allowing them to enjoy a holiday too. Other services include dermatology, urology, liver and gastrointestinal clinic, orthopedic surgery and radiology amongst others.1

There is a plastic surgery department which offers all of the major procedures, including face-lifts, rhinoplasty, and breast reduction and augmentation, as well as liposuction and gender reassignment. The dental department offers the full range of procedures, from check-ups, whitening and fillings, through to surgery for those needing it.1

The hospital, for such a small facility, is well equipped with 5 operating theatres, CAT machine and ICU machine as well as new ER and intensive care wards.1  Accommodation for recovery is excellent, ranging from shared wards through to deluxe single rooms. Prices range from about US $22 for a shared room to $80 for a standard single room Intensive car beds are $60 but it must be noted that, whilst standard meals are included, nursing and extra services are not. The single rooms are very well equipped for a long recovery with TV, fridge, kettle and en-suite bathroom. For patients who have had more minor surgery and want hotel recuperation, Phuket is well equipped with reasonably priced yet good hotels as well as a cheap taxi service.2

Reviews on PIH are generally positive with the facility receiving praise for its rates, nursing care and reputation, with one patient regarding it as the best facility in Thailand.3 The hospital also received a lot of credit for the excellent work it did during the Asian Tsunami which devastated the nearby coastline.5 Of the few bad reviews, one claims that the hospital failed to pickup a heart condition.4 However, the good reviews far outweigh the bad and it seems to be a hospital with a very good reputation.6