Preecha Aesthetic Institute

7th Floor BNH Hospital 9/1 Convent Rd.
Silom, Bangruk, BKK 10500
+66 2-632-2540 (main)
+66 1-813-6144 (alternative)
+66 1-912-0262 (alternative 2)


The Preecha Aesthetic Institute was set up, in Bangkok, by the renowned Dr Preecha Tiewtranon, a plastic surgeon with over 30 years experience and 30 000 operations to his name. Whilst performing most types of plastic surgery procedures, he is most famous for Gender Reassignment surgery, being one of the best known surgeons in the world for this complicated procedure. He has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, TV5 France and the Discovery channel for his pioneering work in this field; he also trains other surgeons and gives lectures worldwide about his techniques and research.1

The Institute is based in Bangkok’s BNH hospital which caters well for the international tourist with WiFi access, a computer room and an interpreter being provided as part of the service. The extensive website, offered in English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Japanese, promises that the patient will receive a high level of personal care and that help will be given with travel, hotel and tour arrangements as well as a cell phone to remain in communication with the surgeon. The website also contains an in depth section on what pre-operation procedures need to be followed in the weeks leading up to the surgery.1

Most of the procedures offered at The Preecha Aesthetic Institute, whilst available to anybody, are heavily weighted towards those required by transgender patients, both M to F and F to M. The facility offers full gender reassignment surgery in both cases and with it offers the peripheral procedures that may be required by the patient. Breast implants and augmentation, facial feminization, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tracheal shaving and penile procedures are performed here and prices seem to be very good; some examples are $3 300 for breast implants, $4 900 for full facelift and $4 300 for a facelift.1 Gender reassignment costs a reasonable $7 500 for the basic penile and scrotal inversion.2

There is a wealth of information about Dr Preecha and his clinic amongst the transgender community online, some good and some bad. A few patients stated that, although his manner is a little brusque, the quality of surgery was excellent and competitively priced, much cheaper than the US or Europe.2 Others complained that he is more interested in money than the patients and does not offer much in the way of aftercare.2

Other good reviews praise both the operation and The Preecha Aesthetic Institute, as well as praising the aftercare given by e-mail5 and it seems that he is happy to operate on both older patients who can be more at risk under anesthesia and HIV positive patients albeit with a 30% premium.4 One word of warning is that whilst Dr Preecha’s operations are of a high quality his assistant surgeons may not be up to the same standard.3

It would seem that there are many conflicting and contradictory opinions on this faculty. It must be borne in mind that the results of such complex surgery can depend upon how closely the patient follows the pre and post operative advice as well as the initial expectation of the patient.