UAE (Dubai)

Medical Travel and Tourism in UAE (Dubai)

Considered to be the safest destination in the Middle East today, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, welcomes Westerners for medical tourism needs.  Patients can find affordable cardiovascular, dermatology, and oncology treatments, at about a 50% savings compared to costs in the US.  Orthopedic surgery is also common.

Communication is not a problem in Dubai, with most medical professionals being English-speaking and Western-trained.  Currently, construction is underway on the Dubai Healthcare City, which is scheduled to be the largest international healthcare center in Europe and Asia, and an increased focus on wellness is expected.  Currently, JCI accredited hospitals such as American Hospital Dubai, Tawam Hospital, and International Modern Hospital provide high-tech care for patients.

While in Dubai, desert tours, dune-bashing excursions, and exclusive shopping opportunities can entertain travelers.

Dubai Factoids
•    Opened in 2005, the only indoor ski slope in the Middle East is a popular vacation spot for locals and foreigners alike.
•    Considered an important tourist destination, Dubai boasts the largest man-made harbor in the world.
•    Coronary angioplasty surgery, which can cost approximately $7,500 in the US, costs approximately $3,750 in Dubai.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities in UAE (Dubai)

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