Risks and Pitfalls of Medical Travel

Medical travel is becoming an attractive option for those looking for discounted cosmetic surgery procedures, health treatments and even spa services. However, medical tourism does present some risks. Finding an accredited, professional treatment center overseas can be challenging. Even after the service is complete, there may be complications associated with the treatment. Considering the potential risks and pitfalls of health care treatments abroad is important before making the final decision. Here are just a few of the factors involved.

Doctor Licensing and Certification

Being a savvy traveler and consumer may involve doing reference checks, consulting with health care industry professionals and determining the licensing or certification status of the doctor or surgeon. This is not always easy but is an important step to determine if you will be receiving a professional treatment.

Managing Complications and Side Effects

How will the doctor or hospital manage complications after you return home? What is their policy for working with medical professionals in your home country, and what are the costs involved? Knowing how to manage any problems related to your medical treatment can help you receive the right care and treatment you need, and also make the entire process much less risky.

Insurance Coverage

Some health insurance providers do offer coverage for medical travel and medical vacations, but most will not cover any follow-up expenses. You'll need to find out what is covered throughout the course of treatment, even if you have been approved for the initial surgery.

Time and Length of Travel

Traveling too soon after surgery can present a health risk. Learn how long you may need to stay in the country before venturing off to your next destination to avoid any health hazards and risks associated with your procedure. Some medical tourism packages include time for rest and recovery, and you may need to factor this into your overall travel plans.

Legal Ramifications of Surgery and Treatment

If you are turning to non-accredited venues to receive treatment, you'll need to be aware of your legal rights - or lack thereof. In many cases, you may be very limited in taking legal action if something goes wrong. Finding out about your rights well beforehand will ensure you are well prepared for any negative outcomes.

Healthy Support System

Taking along a friend, significant other or even a parent is a good idea for your first treatment as you will need someone to help you recover and rest. Medical vacations aren't a typical vacation, and you may be more stressed than usual. Taking a health tour with someone else can reduce stress and make the entire experience much more rewarding.

Financial Penalties and Total Costs

Reading all the fine print and total costs involved with your procedure will take time, so you will need to review the contract and agreements in detail before you agree to anything. Learn about any financial penalties associated with canceling your procedure if you need to, as well as any fees and taxes involved with the total process.

Medical vacations offer many benefits, but there are some risks involved with the entire process. Taking a health tour after considering all of these important factors can help minimize stress and financial losses, so you can truly enjoy your medical travel experience.

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